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Wedding gift firm Wrapit seeks rescue deal

Couples still waiting for news of gift deliveries

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Hundreds of couples are still waiting to know the fate of their wedding gifts as present list service Wrapit continues to try and secure a rescue deal.

Last week the firm, which handles around 2,500 to 3,000 wedding lists a year, confirmed it was in financial difficulties.

The company said problems began at the end of last year and blamed the credit crunch for its woes.

It also said problems were compounded when a couple of refinancing deals fell through at the last minute.

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Wrapit says it is now working with advisers and several interested investors to find a solution quickly.

It added: ‘We are doing our best to resolve the situation as soon as possible and believe that there is a realistic chance that we will be able to complete our wedding list orders as normal. However, we won’t know for certain until the end of this week.’

Wrapit says that no refunds can be processed at the moment and it will regularly update customers on this situation.


If a gift you’ve paid for isn’t sent to the bride and groom, Which? Legal Service lawyer Peter McCarthy says: ‘In this situation you will have a claim for breach of contract.

‘If the gift cost more than £100 and you , under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, the card company would be jointly liable for the breach of contract and so you could ask it for your money back.

‘There isn’t the same protection for debit and charge cards, but if you paid by Visa credit, debit, prepaid, or a store card, your bank can try and get the money back through the “charge-back” system.’

Chargeback is a system where someone buying goods with a credit or Visa debit, a prepaid card, or a store card can ask their bank to claim the money back from the retailer’s bank.


Wrapit was co-founded by former fashion journalist Pepita Diamand in 2000 to allow couples to compile their lists, with guests able to buy items online through the website.

The firm buys and delivers the items. It aims to deliver them within eight to 12 weeks of the list being closed.

The group operates 15 showrooms nationwide – London West End and Wandsworth, Aberdeen, Beaconsfield, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Canterbury, Darlington, Glasgow, Harrogate, Manchester, Newbury, Newcastle and Norwich.

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