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Which? advice saves family £10,000

Save thousands through our tips and Best Buys

Jones family

Families fearing the effects of the credit crunch can save thousands of pounds by simply reviewing the products and providers they use, Which? says today.

Over the last six months we’ve helped the Jones family from Wolverhampton save more than £10,000.

The family has saved the cash by opting for our recommended Best Buy products and services on everything from finance and recycling to cars and vacuum cleaners. 

For example, switching energy providers saved the Joneses about £150 a year, while transferring money from a savings account to a high-interest ISA earned them an extra £270 a year.

Energy switching

The Joneses also saved thousands of pounds by opting for a nearly new car rather than a brand new model.

They also saved £60 by financing the deal with a best buy loan, instead of borrowing from a bank.

Their decision to choose the most energy efficient tumble dryer will also save them at least £65 a year on their electricity bills.

Darren and Toni Jones said: ‘We’ve benefited immensely from the whole process – our mindset as consumers has changed and we’re much more confident and savvy.

‘If you do your research and go prepared, you can tell providers exactly what you want and expect, whether it’s a savings account, a vacuum cleaner or a trip to a theme park.

‘Being the “Which? Family” has made us more confident in dealing with companies and much more pro-active in getting the best deal for us and our kids.’

Money-saving tips

Follow these quick and simple tips if you want to save some money around the house:

  • change to low-energy lightbulbs and remember to switch off lights when you leave a room
  • get your green fingers going by growing your own fruit and veg – and saving pounds at the supermarket at the same time
  • compare the cost of your energy provider to others – you could save up to £233 in a year by switching
  • don’t forget to look around for deals on bank accounts and savings accounts – you could be missing out on  earning interest
  • switching insurance on your car, home, contents and travel could also save you a fortune. 


Which? editor Neil Fowler said: ‘A lot of families are tightening their belts at the moment and with back to school expenses and then Christmas to plan for, we could all do with some simple advice on how to cut costs.

‘While some things are essentials – like a phone line and your gas or electricity – don’t assume you have to stick with your current provider, as there are considerable savings to be made by switching.

‘Keep up with the Joneses by searching for the best deals and taking the time to shop around for the lowest prices, and you too can save thousands of pounds in a matter of months.’

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