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Nissan unveils fuel-efficient ‘Eco-Pedal’

It helps stop drivers wasting fuel

The Eco Pedal display

Nissan has developed an accelerator pedal which pushes back if it senses the driver is wasting fuel.

The Japanese carmaker says the system – dubbed the Eco Pedal – has been designed to help drivers to become more fuel-efficient.

Nissan estimates drivers using the Eco Pedal technology can improve fuel efficiency by up to 10%.


When the system is switched on it uses a car’s fuel consumption and transmission efficiency data to calculate the optimum acceleration rate.

Then, when the driver exerts excess pressure on the accelerator, the system counteracts with the pedal push-back control mechanism.

At the same time, an indicator on the dashboard shows the driver that they could be using more fuel than required.

Fuel efficiency

The indicator is green if you’re driving within the optimal fuel consumption range and begins to flash when it detects increased acceleration, finally turning to amber when the fuel efficiency begins to fall.

Nissan plans to start introducing the feature from next year and Which? Car editor Richard Headland said: ‘We’re interested to see how the Eco-Pedal works in practice and whether it will feel weird – or quite intuitive. 

‘For now, if you want to save some fuel, just lift off the accelerator a touch and avoid acceleration and braking.’

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