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Cost of fuel ‘making car sharing more popular’

Survey shows drivers are happier to share journeys

Nearly half of drivers surveyed said they would consider car sharing

Nearly half of drivers surveyed said they would consider car sharing

An increasing number of motorists would car share to save money, a survey by AA Insurance shows.

Nearly half (47%) of the drivers questioned said they would now consider sharing cars, with high fuel prices cited as the main reason.

And of the estimated 11% of drivers who car share already, 60% said their primary reason was to save money on petrol, while 34% said they shared cars to help reduce their emissions.

Car share habits

According to the AA, car sharing is most popular for social occasions such as going to the pub.

But around a third of current car-share journeys are to and from work, and sharing is also a popular option for long journeys.

Punctuality is thought to be the biggest bar to car sharing, with 72% of those surveyed saying they would be put off the idea if the person they were sharing with was always late.

Bad manners

Motorists said they would also worry about bad manners, with habits such as eating in the car, putting feet on seats and criticising driving high on the list of concerns.

AA president Edmund King said: ‘Car sharing is something that we really believe in. Not only is it a good way to reduce emissions and congestion on the road, but [it] can also save on motoring costs.

‘There is huge scope to become more of a car-sharing nation and our research suggests that we could see a big increase, especially if government proposals for high-occupancy vehicle or car-sharing lanes on some busy commuter routes go ahead.

‘However to make sure that car sharing is a safe and pleasant experience, drivers should check their insurance policy as well as be mindful of the social etiquette around sharing – especially if they do not know the other sharer very well.’

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