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Credit card scam exposed

Petrol station credit card gang jailed

Using a credit card online

You may be asked for the three-digit security number, but never your PIN

Three members of a gang which bought petrol stations and bribed insiders as part of a £254,000 credit card scam have been jailed.

Many drivers who filled up at one of the garages they controlled were secretly filmed by ceiling cameras keying in their PINs to pay their bills.

Their credit and debit cards were then cloned and used in transactions around the world.

Credit card cloning

Police raided a house in Coventry and found a state-of-the-art ‘cloning factory for compromised cards’ which contained 4,500 blank white cards, complete with magnetic strips. Some even had PINs written on them and were ready to be flown abroad.

Equipment including card readers, laptop computers, and memory sticks containing details of hundreds of accounts was also seized. Further inquiries led to a Leicester warehouse which contained more equipment and footage from covert cameras of pin numbers being inputted into pads.

Which? money editor Martyn Hocking said: ‘Petrol stations have been targetted by a number of gangs. To avoid falling victim to them, either pay by cash or make sure you fully shield your card and the keypad with your hands when entering your PIN number.’

If you’ve spotted a scam, find out how to report it with our guide.

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