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Moving abroad is no holiday, says Which? book

But our Moving Abroad guide can cut the hassle


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Emigrating is far from a long summer holiday, warns a Which? book published today.

Paul Beasley, author of ‘Moving Abroad’, says that Britons thinking of emigrating to escape the credit crunch and bad weather should think again.

You might be tempted to emigrate after a great holiday abroad – but in 2006, more than 80,000 of those who had emigrated returned to their UK life. 


Paul Beasley said:’Moving abroad can be a fulfilling experience, and the realisation of a long-held dream for some people.  Do your research, take your time over decisions and be sure you are ready for the commitment involved and emigrating can be a life changing experience. 

‘But make the decision to emigrate based on a holiday alone, and you could be one of the thousands of Britons who make an unscheduled return to this country each year.’

Questions to ask

Anyone planning to emigrate should first consider the following:

  • what is the cost of living?  Is it more or less than in the UK?
  • what are the chances of finding suitable employment?
  • what is the normal working routine?
  • what education is available, and at what cost?
  • what is the climate like?  Could you live and work in that weather all year round?what do British families living locally think of the area?
  • how welcoming are the locals?

‘Moving Abroad’, a Which? essential guide, is full of advice designed to take the hassle out of relocating by providing practical advice on each part of the process.

‘Moving Abroad’ can be ordered online or by calling 01903 828557. It’s also available in bookshops and costs £10.99.

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