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Analysts believe TV on mobile phones will catch on

European mobileTV standard may be in place by 2010

Analysts believe that live television on mobile phones will become a £5.4 billion pound industry by 2010.

There has been very little demand for live TV on mobile phones, but Frost and Sullivan, market research analysts who specialise in market growth, speculate that the DVB-H industry will be worth £5.4 billion by 2010. And 2010 is the year that Frost and Sullivan believe will see the unifying DVB-H standard of broadcasting implemented across Europe.

DVB-H is a type of TV broadcasting that is especially designed for mobile devices. Several mobile phones, including the new N96 from Nokia, already feature an integrated DVB-H receiver, and will be able to receive live television broadcasts if the service is launched.

Successful trials

Trials in Oxford have been carried out since 2005. Dave Holes, a senior researcher at Which? took part in the trial and was impressed by the ‘very watchable picture quality on such a small screen’. He said: ‘I’ve always thought that this was going to be a major step forward in television broadcasting and we believe that this service will catch on.’

Which? reported on BBC’s iPlayer service becoming available on the Nokia N96 last month. Other devices that support this TV on demand service include the Sony E and S Walkman series and Archos‘ Internet media tablet. These MP3 players all support Windows Media digital rights management (Windows DRM).

2012 London Olympics

Michael Briggs, principal TV researcher at Which? said: ‘TV on demand services like BBC’s iPlayer and Channel 4 on Demand, are slowly growing in popularity. Many people believe that these services will offer greater benefits to consumers watching TV on mobile devices than live TV streaming. This is not the case when it comes to sporting events, however, and the ability to watch the 2012 Olympics on your commute home is going to appeal to many users.’

Our initial impressions of the Nokia N96 can be read in our mobile phone report, and we shall be updating this report with full test results soon.

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