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BT I-Plate promises broadband speed boost

£10 socket gives faster web to 9m households

BT logo

Millions of UK households could potentially benefit from improved ADSL broadband performance, thanks to a simple DIY filter developed by BT.

BT says its trials of the I-Plate over the last six months using 36,000 lines have shown that filtering out the electrical interference in the home caused by televisions, lighting and home wiring can deliver a range of broadband improvements. These include faster speeds, a more stable connection and slight improvements in broadband performance over “long lines”.

BT found that filtered broadband lines typically showed a speed increase of up to 1.5Mbps, with some lines showing speed improvements of as much as 4Mbps. Because I-Plates help with both broadband line speed and stability, they are particularly useful for TV and video, allowing for faster downloads and better quality streaming.

Which? technology expert Alastair Warman said: ‘This might be the simple solution to solve slow broadband. Spend around a tenner and five minutes with a screwdriver, and you could get significant speed increases.’

BT I-Plate socket install

The I-Plate can also extend the geographical reach of a broadband service, meaning that homes which are some distance from their telephone exchange may receive an improved service, while others that were previously just beyond the reach of a broadband service, may now be able to use it.

It will be available to purchase direct from broadband providers, and can be easily installed by consumers, avoiding the need to call out engineer. The I-Plate must be fitted to the main BT phone socket, not an extension. The BT master socket (NTE5) can be easily identified by the horizontal split in the face plate and BT logo. All consumers need do is simply unscrew the face plate, clip the I-Plate in place in the socket and replace the face plate over the I-Plate.

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