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Compensation claim launched against BA

Passengers launch claim for cancelled flight

Passengers of a cancelled British Airways flight have launched a bid for compensation from the airline.

The group of 23 passengers are claiming compensation under Regulation 261 of the European Union Denied Boarding Regulation which gives legal protection to travellers whose flights are cancelled or delayed.

You can find out more about your flight rights and how to claim compensation in our Which? guide to claiming compensation for flight delays.

Flight cancellations

Lavelle Coleman, the law firm for airline rights website EUclaim is representing the passengers and says it is in touch with several hundred more claimants who have suffered flight cancellations or long delays whilst travelling with BA.

Under EU law, airlines can cancel flights up to two weeks before departure without paying compensation to its passengers. 

Airlines do not have to pay in cases of ‘extraordinary circumstances’ which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken, such as unusual technical problems just before take-off.

Extraordinary circumstances

‘BA has produced numerous reasons for cancellations and for the non payment of their passengers’ claims – these range from insufficient cabin crew and staff sickness to technical problems,’ said EUclaim CEO Hendrik Noorderhaven.

EUclaim believes there are no extraordinary circumstances in many cases and it is avoiding paying out for legitimate claims.

A BA spokesman said the airline meets European regulation guidelines and would be defending the claim by EUclaims’s lawyers.

Unclaimed compensation

EUclaim believes that each year UK passengers are losing out on £130m of unclaimed compensation.

The company announced earlier this month it had handed over similar claims about Ryanair to law firm Lavelle Coleman in a bid to claim for passengers who have suffered flight cancellations or long delays whilst travelling with Ryanair.

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