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Google adds Mail Goggles to avoid drunken emails

Gmail labs launch email ‘breathalyser’

Gmail mail goggles maths questions

Users of Google’s popular webmail service, Gmail, can now benefit from a free application which aims to avoid those embarrassing and inadvisable drunken emails.

Announced on the official Gmail blog, the Mail Goggles add-in will ‘prevent you from sending messages you may later regret’.

It’s based on the assumption that if you can correctly answer five random maths questions in 60 seconds, then you aren’t in too much inebriated danger of pressing the ‘send’ button on a hastily-written declaration of undying love… to your boss. The danger, of course, is that keen emailers who are numerically-challenged even when sober might fail the test.

The default settings activate late at night at the weekend, but this can be changed on the Gmail settings page. Gmail users keen to add this feature should click on ‘Settings’ then ‘Labs’ to find the Mail Goggles application.

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Gmail mail goggles screenshot

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