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Government launches bid to promote electric cars

Around 100 electric cars to be given to towns

The government wants to promote the use of electric cars

The government wants to promote the use of electric cars

Around 100 electric cars will be made available in towns and cities across the UK as part of a government plan to turn motoring greener.

It is hoped families and other motorists will drive the electric cars and then give feedback on the practical steps needed to make greener driving a reality.

The announcement follows new research which shows that, if correctly managed, the UK’s power system could support widespread use of electric cars without the need for large numbers of new power stations.

Green jobs

The government outlined plans to capitalise on a low-carbon economy earlier this year, and it claims around a million ‘green jobs’ could be created by 2030.

Government sources said up to £20m has been dedicated to research that could make electric cars a more practical choice for drivers.

This includes plans to roll out a proper charging infrastructure and efforts to collaborate with other countries on the development of international standards.

Low-carbon cars

The government will also be looking at how it can encourage consumers to buy electric and other low-carbon vehicles, including hybrid cars such as the and the .

In addition to this a £100m project, overseen by the Technology Strategy Board, will see carmakers bidding for the chance to demonstrate their electric and ultra-low carbon vehicles.

Transport Minister Andrew Adonis said: ‘The government is committed to reducing the impact of travel on the environment. 

‘A key part of this is encouraging world-class research and helping to bring fresh ideas to manufacture. Not only is this good for the environment, it is also a tremendous opportunity for our businesses and our country.’

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