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Identity theft fears affect most consumers

Just 21% of consumers feel personal data is safe

Shopping online with a credit card

Safe shopping online with credit cards

Three quarters of consumers are concerned by the amount of data companies hold about them and only 21% believe their data is secure in the hands of those companies, according to new research. 

A study by security software manufacturer Symantec quizzed 1,000 consumers about their online attitudes and found half of people believe that the Government is the least trustworthy organisation when it comes to data, followed by telecommunications companies such as BT.

Our identity theft prevention advice guide can help you keep your personal data safe.

Online shopping security

Over 90% of consumers would not provide personal details to a company with past problems of losing data and 80% believe it should be a ‘one strike and you are out’ rule when it comes to data loss.

Eight out of ten consumers said they check the security of websites they use before buying online. The most popular methods for identifying safe sites were:

  • 66% check for the on-screen padlock
  • 30% using security software
  • 27% shop with a trusted brand
  • 11% act on a friend’s recommendation

Read our online security advice guide to discover the most effective was of staying safe online. You can also find Which? Best Buy security software for your computer in our review of popular brands.

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