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Miele unveils its first upright vacuum cleaner

The S7 range will be available later this month

Miele logo

Miele fully endorse the benefits of the Best Buy scheme

Miele has announced the launch of its first range of upright vacuum cleaners, the S7 range.

The new range of Miele S7 models will become available at the end of October 2008, and will cost between £250 and £370.

For 80 years Miele has been developing vacuum cleaners, but until the launch of the S7, all Miele’s models will have been cylinder vacuum cleaners.

Miele’s Which? award

Miele has a great reputation for reliability – many Miele products have been made Which? Best Buys.

Which? senior researcher Katie Waller added: ‘Miele has won the Which? Best Domestic Appliance Brand award for the past two years.’

Once the S7 range is launched, Which? will be testing the vacuum cleaners.

Miele’s models

Miele’s S7 range, like other Miele models, will need bags.

Stefan Pichetta, Miele’s vacuum cleaner project manager, said: ‘Our laboratories have tested many methods of dust pick-up and retention and have come to the firm conclusion that using a dustbag is the most effective and hygienic method of removing dust from the home’.

There are five models in the new range. The S7210, in lemon yellow, is the entry level model, and like the other models within the range it features 1,800 watts of suction and a six-litre capacity dustbag.

The S7260, or the S7 Cat and Dog, will be available in red. This model features an additional Mini Turbobrush for picking up pet hair, and it has an active charcoal casing to the filter, which absorbs odours from the dustbag.

Allergy sufferers

The S7 Allervac, otherwise known as the S7280, will be available in white. Miele claims that this model provides a more effective solution to removing dust and dustmite faeces from carpet and furniture. Miele Allervac models are designed to suit allergy sufferers.

Finally there is the S7510 AutoCare in red, and the S7580 Autocare Hepa in metallic blue. These cleaners are the deluxe models of the new S7 range and the feature an automatic sensor, which will register the change in floor surface and adjust the settings accordingly.

Which? will be publishing first impressions of the S7 soon, with our full results published just before Christmas.


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