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New-car buyers going green to save money

20% say CO2 emissions are 'main deciding factor'

CO2 emissions are a deciding factor for 20% of new-car buyers

CO2 emissions are a deciding factor for 20% of new-car buyers

Three-quarters of British drivers would buy a car with lower CO2 emissions if they thought it would save them money, according to research by BMW.

CO2 emissions are now the main deciding factor for 20% of new-car buyers, the survey showed, compared with zero 20 years ago.

But drivers would only be willing to if it could still deliver ‘the highest levels of driving dynamics’, BMW said.

Greener technology

BMW marketing director Richard Hudson said: ‘It’s all very well to offer more efficient products, but unless the quality and performance also progress, they simply won’t sell’.

He added that high fuel prices and the government’s plans for CO2-related road tax charges mean more and more people are considering low-emissions cars.

The Which? guide to greener motoring shows you how to save money – and stress – simply by adopting eco-driving techniques.

Reducing carbon emissions

BMW’s research also revealed that more than a third of Britons (36%) believe the car manufacturing industry has done more than any other to reduce carbon emissions.

Which Complete Guide to Greener Driving guide cover

Which? Complete Guide to Greener Driving

Last month we reported that carmakers have cut the average CO2 emissions of their new cars by the biggest margin ever.

Compared with 2006, the energy needed to produce each vehicle is down 12%, water use is down 9% and waste to landfill is down 25%.

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