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Nintendo to release new DSi handheld in 2009

Nintendo unveils its new handheld device.

Nintendo DSi open

The Nintendo DSi will feature larger screens and improved sound quality

Nintendo has unveiled its new DSi handheld gaming device, the successor to its popular Nintendo DS and DS Lite touch-screen models.

Styled in the same compact clam-shell appearance as the DS Lite, the DSi ups the features of its predecessors by incorporating a built-in internet browser and a 0.3Mp camera.

The DSi also features a built-in SD card slot, letting you save photos to an SD card, which can then be transferred to Nintendo’s Wii Photo Channel via a Nintendo Wii.

Downloadable games

The internet browser will allow DSi-owners to download online games through Nintendo’s new DSi Shop. You will be able to purchase points in order to download “DSiWare” games via this online shop. Customers will receive 1,000 points when they buy the DSi.

Games will be available for different numbers of points. Smaller, more limited games will be free to download, and larger games will come in rising price bands up to 800 points (around £6.80).

The screen sizes have been increased slightly, and Nintendo also claims an improved sound quality in the DSi model.

The DSi will not be available on British shelves until after Christmas. Nintendo is planning a November release across Japan, but the DSi is not due for release across Europe until spring 2009.

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