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Ofcom shows UK TV picture: homes now 88% digital

Latest figures show growth of Freesat and Freeview

The latest quarterly statistics from TV regulator Ofcom reveal that 88% of households now have digital TV on their main set, while over half of the 35 million secondary sets in the UK have also been updated to receive digital broadcasts.

Digital TV services chart 2008

Freesat, launched five months ago, has now reached around 900,000 homes, according to Ofcom, compared to the 9.4 million homes where Freeview is the sole digital TV service. There is also steady growth in the number of homes receiving digital cable TV from Virgin Media, and digital satellite TV from Sky.

There are still 3.1 million homes without any form of digital television, however, although this has decreased by 200,000 since Ofcom’s last quarterly review. As the digital switchover progresses across the UK, this remaining minority will need to either replace their analogue-only TVs, or purchase separate set-top boxes to be able to continue to receive free-to-air broadcasts.

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