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Panasonic’s vision of the future at Ceatec 2008

Interactive life wall becomes centre of home

Which? technology experts have been reporting from the Ceatec consumer electronics show in Japan all week, and one of the most innovative stands on show was Panasonic‘s which focused on concepts for future living.

Panasonic life wall at Ceatec 2008

Predicted for around 15 years in the future, it promises almost complete integration of your home technology, with everything based around a screen in the living area. This time it’s a ‘life wall’ rather than a TV, and will take up a whole wall in your lounge.

The ‘life wall’ will allow users to communicate with friends and family visually on a life-sized screen. It’ll also be possible to send video footage or photos to view together while you’re chatting.

As the communication between life walls is in real time and two-way, it could be possible for children to have music lessons without leaving the house from a real-life teacher situated on the other side of the world.

Video and still images will be transferred to the life wall wirelessly, and everything will be controlled via motion sensors and the body’s movement.

Panasonic also had more conventional new products on show, including their new ranges of plasma and LCD TVs and blu-ray recorders. There was also the Viera ME75 waterproof handheld TV, and the announcement that Panasonic plans to extend its range of kitchen appliances in Europe as early as February 2009.

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