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Sharp unveils first LCD TV with Blu-ray recorder

Rumours of a 2009 European launch

Blu-Ray Disc Association logo

Blu-Ray Disc Association logo

Sharp has announced the world’s first LCD TV with integrated Blu-ray Disc recorder.

These models will initially be launched in Japan, but PC World has reported a US launch before the end of 2008 and a European launch sometime next year.

The new AQUOS DX range of models from Sharp will become available in 52-, 46-, 42-, 37- and 26-inch sizes, and these LCD TVs will be available with a choice of surround in either black, red or white.

Sharp Blu-ray TV not full HD

The larger models will offer 1080p resolution and be capable of displaying a high definition image. The smaller two models will only provide 720p resolution, which isn’t full high definition.

Panasonic will launch a Blu-ray recorder next spring, and it will be the first Blu-ray recorder to be available in the UK. While standard definition DVD players have been popular in the UK, DVD recorders haven’t taken off quite as well as was expected.

DVD recorders have lacked popularity

This may be due to the increased popularity in Personal Video Recorders, or PVRs, which often have the capacity to record around 100 hours of TV programmes. At the Ceatec show in Tokyo this year, we reported on a Panasonic TV with a terabyte of memory, enough to hold around 500 hours of standard definition TV programmes.

Which? researcher Richard Parris said: ‘The UK market hasn’t been very receptive to recording to standard DVDs as PVRs offer a more straightforward and manageable method of recording from TV. It will be interesting to see if Blu-ray Disc recorders catch on here, but we don’t foresee them being a big hit.’

These new AQUOS LCD TVs from Sharp will cost between 170,000 Yen and 500,000, or £950 and £2,800.

Read our advice guide on high definition TV for more information.


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