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Skoda’s confusing Fabia BlueLine

Special edition Skoda Fabia is blue, not green

Skoda Fabia

Blueline – confused yet?

In a move that may have the unfortunate side effect of baffling consumers, Skoda has introduced a limited edition Fabia ‘BlueLine’.

Confusingly, the ‘BlueLine’ moniker skirts close to Skoda’s own GreenLine and Volkswagen’s BlueMotion eco models. However, the Fabia BlueLine has no such pretensions and is simply a special edition Fabia that happens to have Pacific Blue paint.

It also has a white roof. And 15-inch alloy wheels, lower suspension, climate control, an upholstery upgrade, and extra storage solutions, including boxes under the front seats. All this extra equipment is over and above the Fabia 2 model it is based on.

£750 for £160

Bought alone, the added kit would add up to £750 in options. But buyers of the BlueLine will have to fork out just £160 more than the regular Fabia 2 model.

The Fabia BlueLine is on sale now, and is available with a 1.2-litre petrol engine for £9,999, or a 1.4-litre diesel engine for £11,450. Production is limited to 500 cars.


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