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Young drivers ‘struggle with junctions’

Motoring organisation calls for better education

Some young drivers struggle at busy urban junctions

Some young drivers struggle at busy urban junctions

Parents, schools and insurance companies have been urged to help young motorists improve their driving, after it was revealed many struggle to cope with busy junctions.

According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), 43% of young men and 46% of young women have problems at busy intersections in towns and cities.

And, the organisation said in its latest report, most urban accidents involving young drivers occur at junctions.

Complicated junctions

IAM head of road safety Kevin Delaney said: ‘The majority of young drivers have the right attitude to driving but aren’t fully prepared for dealing with more complicated junctions, which they may not have come across in order to pass their driving test’.

The IAM, whose report analysed almost a quarter of a million crashes over a seven-year period, has now called for a range of measures to educate young motorists about city driving.

These include teaching road safety as part of the core school curriculum and encouraging parents to help their teenagers with driving – even after they have passed their test – so they can get used to a wide variety of junctions.

Insurance premiums

The IAM also wants insurance companies to recognise the benefits of additional driving practice with a parent, and to set insurance premiums that encourage practice in the family car.


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