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Car-share schemes ‘can save you cash’

Campaigners urge motorists to stop driving alone

Motorists could save money by joining a car-share scheme

Motorists could save money by joining a car-share scheme

Motorists could save money and improve their social lives by joining a car-share scheme, a campaign group has claimed.

Lift sharing could also help ease congestion, simultaneously reducing the number of vehicles on the road whilst making more efficient use of the cars that are being driven. Work Wise UK claims that traffic congestion costs the economy an estimated £20bn a year.

Empty car seats

Work Wise UK chief executive Phil Flaxton said: ‘Congestion is a massive drag on the British economy and for commuters, yet there are 38 million empty car seats on the road every day. This is economic and environmental insanity.’

He added that it would be possible to reduce emissions, congestion and travel costs by filling just a fraction of the empty seats.

According to Liftshare.com, a website that matches commuters with empty seats, national car mileage would fall by around three billion miles annually if occupancy levels were raised by just 2%.

Car sharing

The website said great friendships are made through car-sharing schemes and that the idea makes business sense, too.

A spokesperson said: ‘Not only does it save money directly, it also helps provide a pleasant working environment and a more contented workforce, boosting productivity.’

Commute Smart Week, a Work Wise UK initiative to promote car-sharing, ends on 1 November. 

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