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Fixed-point speed cameras ‘could be replaced’

Minister hints at roll-out of new speed traps

Fixed speed cameras could be replaced

Fixed speed cameras could be replaced

Many of the UK’s fixed-point speed cameras could be replaced with ‘fairer’ cameras that check motorists’ average speed, Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon said.

Hoon told The Sunday Times he thought fixed speed cameras, which measure speeds at a single point on the road, were seen by drivers as ‘arbitrary’ and ‘unfair’.

He then suggested high-tech average-speed cameras were better because they encourage safer, fuel-efficient driving.

Average-speed cameras

Hoon told the paper: ‘Spot speed cameras are seen by some people as unfair because when you are driving along you perhaps don’t notice your speed.

‘What is interesting about average-speed cameras is that [limits] are largely observed by motorists.’

He added that average-speed cameras help to reduce fuel consumption and encourage ‘a smoother flow of traffic’.

Fixed speed cameras

Last month Swindon became the first UK town to do away with fixed speed cameras because of a row over funding. Cabinet members of the Tory-run council voted to withdraw from the Wiltshire and Swindon Safety Camera Partnership because, although Swindon Council paid for the upkeep of the cameras, central government kept the revenue they generated.

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