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Ministers pushing for tougher speeding penalties

Worst offenders could get six points

Excessive speeding could be met with tougher fines

Ministers want tougher penalties for excessive speeding

Tough new penalties for speeding, drink driving and other ‘excessive behaviour’ will be considered by ministers, it was announced on Thursday.

Under new plans, drivers who break the speed limit by a large margin could be given six penalty points without a court hearing – meaning they would be banned after two offences.

Current rules mean most drivers who are caught speeding receive a fine and three penalty points. Drivers with 12 penalty points are automatically banned.

Tougher speeding fines

Ministers now believe a tougher system is needed to tackle the number of road deaths. Government figures show there were 580 fatalities between April and June this year.

According to The Times, a new ‘sliding scale’ system would see lower penalties of just two points for drivers who break the speed limit by only a few miles an hour.

Road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick is due to outline the proposals in a written statement to the Commons, and they will be the subject of a three-month consultation.

Other measures will target drink drivers and those who get behind the wheel under the influence of drugs.

Dealing with speeding fines

If you think you’ve been unfairly issued with a speeding fine, read the Which? guide to dealing with speeding tickets. It contains information on your legal rights, step-by-step advice on challenging a speeding offence in court and sample letters that you can send to the authorities. 

Some of the best sat navs we’ve reviewed come with a function that alerts you to the presence of speed cameras, which are often sited at accident black spots.

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