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Mobile internet growth surpasses PC-based growth

7.3 million Brits access internet on their mobiles

Surfing Wap pages over GPRS

Surf the net while you’re on the go

Mobile phone internet usage is increasing eight times more rapidly than PC-based internet usage, according to a report from Nielsen Online.

In the last six months the number of Britons accessing web-pages on a mobile phone has increased by 25%, from 5.8 million to 7.3 million. Throughout the same period, PC-based internet has grown by 3%, from 34.3 million to 35.3 million.

Mobile phone internet usage, more popular with younger users

The research from Nielsen Online also shows that younger people are more likely to use a mobile phone to access the internet than older users. Statistics show that 25% of mobile internet users are aged between 15 and 24, while only 16% of PC based internet users fall into the same age group. The figures also show that 23% of the PC-based internet population is over 55 years old, while only 12% of the mobile phone based internet population are also of this age.

Ben Stevens, Which? researcher, said: ‘These findings highlight the continual development and acceptance of mobile phones as multi-functional devices. It’s not just internet connectivity on mobile phones that is seeing growth, as 90% of modern mobile phones now feature some form of MP3 playing ability, and the camera quality on phones is also rapidly improving.’

BBC News is the most popular mobile internet site

The most popularly visited websites on a PC differ from the most popularly visited sites on a mobile phone. On a mobile phone, BBC News attracts 24% of mobile internet users, followed by BBC Weather, Sky Sports and Gmail.

Google search is the most popular PC-based internet site, attracting 79% of users, followed by eBay with 43% of users. Google and eBay only attract 23% and 13% of mobile internet users respectively.

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