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Sony creates new CD using Blu-ray Disc technology

New Blu-spec CD format will launch this year

Blu-Spec CD

Blu-spec CD

Sony has created a new CD format called Blu-spec, which will use Blu-ray Disc technology.

Sony claims that the format will be made available in Japan this year, and that the new Blu-spec CDs will be compatible with existing CD players and drives.

It has been reported that Sony has created a process of burning discs using Blu Laser Diode technology, which is said to result in less vibration and superior sound quality.

Blu-spec CDs

Sony claims that 60 audio CDs will be made available on Christmas Eve in Japan, and titles will include albums from ELO and Miles Davis. The CDs will retail for between £16 and £27, but there is no information yet on when these products will be available in the UK.

Ben Stevens, Which? researcher, said: ‘Compatibility issues usually slow down the acceptance of new technology, but the fact that these CDs are said to playable on existing machines is a big plus. There seems to be a gradual movement away from CDs towards solid states of media, such as hard drives. Perhaps the market is very different in Japan, but I’m not convinced this new breed of CD will catch on in the UK.’

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