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Speed cameras ‘should reward good drivers’

Poll shows drivers want rewards for obeying limits

Most drivers support plans for speed camera 'rewards'

Most drivers support plans for speed camera ‘rewards’

Drivers who stick to the speed limit should be rewarded with cash or money off their council tax, according to a new poll.

Nearly half of drivers (48%) said they would back plans for speed cameras to randomly reward people who stick to the speed limit, rather than just penalising those who drive too fast. But 44% were against the idea, and 9% were unsure.

The poll comes as ministers discuss plans for tougher speeding penalties. Under new proposals, drivers who break the speed limit by a large margin could face up to six points without a court hearing.

Speed limit rewards

Steve Chelton from car insurance firm Swinton, which commissioned the survey, said: ‘Imagine if you opened a letter from the police and it said ‘congratulations, you were caught on camera driving safely within the speed limit, please find a cheque for £30 or voucher with money off your council tax’. Now that is a good idea.’

He said that if just a tiny percentage of the revenue from speed cameras was redistributed to good drivers, cameras would be better at deterring reckless driving.

‘If drivers knew that speed cameras were calibrated to randomly flash the occasional good driver, motorists would be much more likely to adhere to speed limits rather than take their chance.’

Speeding fines

If you think you’ve been unfairly issued with a speeding fine, read the Which? guide to dealing with speeding tickets. It contains information on your legal rights, step-by-step advice on challenging a speeding ticket in court and sample letters that you can send to the authorities. 

Some of the best sat navs we’ve reviewed come with a function that alerts you to the presence of speed cameras, which are often sited at accident black spots.


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