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Virgin Media ADSL broadband speeds to increase

Non-cable users can get web speeds up to 16Mbps

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Virgin Media has launched broadband packages with up to 16Mbps internet speeds for its ADSL broadband customers. 

Both new and existing Virgin Media broadband customers using Virgin Media’s ADSL broadband service, now known as Virgin Media National, will be able to double their existing broadband speed from 8Mbps to up to 16Mbps.

Virgin Media’s ADSL broadband service operates over a BT phone line rather than a Virgin Media cable phone line. Virgin Media already offered broadband speeds of up to 20Mbps to its cable broadband customers. However, cable broadband is only available to around half of UK households. 

Fast broadband cost

To get Virgin Media National’s up to 16Mbps fast broadband speeds, customers will have to pay £5 a month on top of their normal ADSL broadband package. 

However, both new and existing Virgin Media National broadband customers will be able to try the broadband up to 16Mbps boost for up to three months at no extra cost, to ensure they are able to get higher internet speeds. In addition, the up to 16Mbps broadband speed boost can be added or removed from a customer’s broadband package at any time without the need for a contract on the additional broadband speed.

Broadband speed limitations

Which? broadband expert Ceri Stanaway says: ‘Advertised broadband speeds are increasing all the time, with maximum speeds from some ADSL broadband companies reaching 24Mbps, and Virgin Media even conducting cable broadband trials of up to 50Mbps. 

‘But bear in mind the advertised maximum speed is very unlikely to be the speed you’ll actually get – when Which? carried out a UK wide broadband speed test in 2007, it found broadband customers who were promised up to 8Mbps actually achieved only a third of that on average.

‘It’s good news that Virgin Media is offering its up to 16Mbps broadband speed boost on a trial basis so Virgin Media National broadband customers can consider whether any additional broadband speed they achieve is worth the extra £5 a month.’ 

For more on broadband speed, including how to test how fast your own broadband really is and what you can do to boost your broadband speed, see the Which? guide to broadband speeds. Or if you fancy a faster broadband package but aren’t sure which broadband provider to choose, use the Which? broadband review to compare broadband deals based on price, features and customer satisfaction.


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