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Ariel Excel Gel lives up to its name

Ariel Excel is a clear Which? Best Buy

Ariel Excel Gel logo

A new laundry detergent from Ariel is so outstanding that it’s better than any other Which? has ever tested, even when used at 30˚C.

The first ever laundry detergent in a true gel format, Ariel Excel obtained the highest test score that Which? has awarded in this product category, despite being tested at a cool 30˚C rather than the usual 40˚C, making it a clear Which? Best Buy.

Which? has published the results in our latest laundry liquids report. We’ve also just published some tips on using laundry alternatives such as wash balls in our latest washing machines review. 

Ariel Excel score

The Ariel Excel Gel test score of 75% is higher than the score awarded to the 85 laundry detergents we’ve tested at 40˚C over the last two years.

Most detergents struggle to give a really effective clean at the lower temperature, but Ariel Excel washed out stains such as chocolate ice-cream and bolognese sauce with ease, and gave outstanding results on whites and bright colours.

Energy efficient

Washing laundry at 30˚C saves energy, money and reduces colour fade, so clothes look fresher for longer. The concept has been promoted by stores such as Asda – all its clothing is now labelled with care instructions showing 30˚C. Marks and Spencer added the message ‘Think climate – wash at 30˚C’ to its clothes labels in 2007 as part of its ‘Plan A’.

Ariel Excel’s advertising slogan says ‘Cold is the new hot’ and it is even claimed to clean at a chilly 15˚C, though few
washing machines can wash at this temperature.

Liz Edwards, Which? home editor, said: ‘Products often make grand claims about their performance, but in this case Ariel Excel really lives up to its name and delivers effective results. Washing at 30˚C is good for your wallet and for the environment, and now it can get your clothes really clean, too’.

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For more information visit our laundry liquids report. Which? also has a report on washing machines, featuring almost 200 washing machine reviews.

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