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Carmakers get breathing space on CO2 targets

MEPs give manufacturers more time to clean up cars

Targets for CO2 emissions have been revised

Targets for CO2 emissions have been revised

European regulators are giving car companies more time to meet emissions targets, it has been revealed.

Under original plans, the European Commission wanted carmakers to drop average from 158g/km to 130g/km by 2012.

But MEPs have now agreed for the new targets to be phased in over three years so manufacturers only have to meet targets in all their vehicles by 2012. The move is likely to be welcomed by firms that produce and , which traditionally emit more CO2.

New CO2 targets

However, a tough new target to reduce average new-car CO2 emissions to 95g/km by 2020 has also been added to the regulation.

Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon said this new measure has the potential to be ‘the biggest CO2-saving measure in transport’.

He added: ‘This agreement represents a good deal for the environment and a good deal for UK business. It will drive fuel efficiency improvements in new cars, helping to tackle CO2 emissions and reducing running costs for drivers’.

Smaller carmakers

It is thought the deal will also make it easier for smaller and niche manufacturers – such as Jaguar Land Rover – to meet CO2 targets in spite of the financial downturn.

Conservative MEP Martin Callanan said: ‘It was particularly important that we put in place special conditions for Jaguar Land Rover and black cabs.

‘These companies will still have to do more than most, but because of their niche model ranges, this law would have caused them severe problems.’

To see how your car’s CO2 emissions will affect your tax bill next year, check out the Which? guide to the new car tax rates. You can also read , and find tips on reducing your impact on the environment in this greener motoring guide.


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