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Cold call builders ‘defrauded elderly’

Three arrested in connection with scam

The police and trading standards officers joined forces to arrest three people who are suspected of running a cold calling scam. 

The arrests were part of a large-scale investigation into door-to-door builders who are believed to have defrauded pensioners across London and south-east England.

About £50,000 was recovered at a property and assets to the value of £1.25m were frozen.

Cold calling builders

Trading standards officers (TSOs) are warning consumers never to deal with builders who come to your house uninvited.

Which? research in January 2008 found that Which? members were most likely to use roofers who knocked on their door. For more information about finding a good tradesperson see our guide to tradespeople., and our members’ recommendation site Which? Local.

Consumer Affairs Minister Gareth Thomas said: ‘Conmen cost vulnerable people thousands of pounds and give honest businesses a bad name, which is why the government is funding the special trading standards scambuster teams.’

If you do think you’ve been a victim contact TSOs through the government consumer advice line Consumer Direct.

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