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Greener driving ‘could save billions’

Energy Saving Trust launches green driving course

Drivers could cut their carbon emissions with a greener driving course

Drivers could cut their carbon emissions with a greener driving course

Employers are being urged to get involved with a new course that teaches staff how to drive more efficiently.

The Energy Saving Trust claims its smarter driving course, which costs £15 per employee, can help participants save up to £250 a year through improved fuel efficiency.

Greener driving techniques could help UK drivers cut their CO2 output by 10 million tonnes a year, the Trust said – equivalent to the annual emissions of 1.8 million UK homes.

Smarter driving

Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust, said: ‘If everyone started driving smarter we as a nation would save ourselves £5bn.

‘With the economy in turmoil and people feeling the pinch more than ever, it is crucially important that employers look at how they can support their staff in every way they can. Employees take this issue seriously and now so should employers.’

A minimum of 24 participants are needed for organisations to take part in the driving course, which lasts for less than an hour. Each driver completes a circuit before and after the training, and their fuel economy is measured in miles per gallon.

Improved fuel economy

Drivers then receive a certificate that shows their improved fuel economy, the amount of money they would save in a year, and their predicted annual reduction in CO2 emissions.

Transport Minister Andrew Adonis said: ‘In the space of an hour’s smarter driving lesson with the Energy Saving Trust, drivers can save as much as 15% of the fuel they use. For employers this means improved efficiency, with reduced emissions and cuts in fuel spending’.

Which? has put together an expert guide to greener driving, and has loads of advice to help you find the cheapest fuel. To find out more about the Energy Saving Trust’s smarter driving course call 0845 602 1425, or visit the Energy Savings Trust website.


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