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Men ‘more likely to drink-drive’

Survey shows 10% would drive after 3 to 4 units

Men are more likely to drink-drive, a new survey shows

Men are more likely to drink-drive, a new survey shows

Men are far more likely to drink-drive than women, according to a poll by car insurance company Diamond.

Around 10% of men, but just 1% of women, told the insurer they thought it was safe to drive after drinking three to four units of alcohol.

And of the 2,600 motorists questioned, not a single woman thought it was acceptable to drive after five units or more. One in a hundred men, however, said they would.


Diamond managing director Sian Lewis said, ‘These results show the effects drinking can have on your driving don’t seem to have hit home with many men.

‘A single pint of 5% lager can contain up to 2.8 units and a large 250ml glass of wine can contain three units, which could easily push anyone, whether male or female, close to or over the drink-drive limit.

‘The fact that such a large percentage are happy to drive after having a drink is a real worry as any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely.’

Alcohol units

Overall, 62% of men, but just 34% of women, told Diamond they were willing to drive after consuming alcohol. Almost half of the men questioned said they would be safe to drive if they had had no more than one to two units.

Only 12% of women had ever been breathalysed, compared with 32% of men. Diamond said its own data showed that the majority of people it insured who had drink-driving convictions were caught during December.

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