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Microsoft launches application for Apple iPhone

Seadragon available on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

Microsoft Seadragon

Microsoft Seadragon

Microsoft has launched a mobile version of its Seadragon application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, however the application has not yet been released for any mobiles featuring Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform.

Microsoft created this application for Apple, before making it available on its own mobile platform, because the iPhone features accelerated graphics technology that is required for such an application – according to Alex Daley, group product manager for Microsoft Live Labs, the company that developed Seadragon.

The Seadragon application allows users to view, zoom in on, and pan around high resolution images smoothly, regardless of image resolution or the user’s bandwidth. It also provides the user with the ability to stitch images together to make a virtual 3D image.

Ben Stevens, Which? researcher, said: ‘The PC-based Seadragon application has received good reviews, and the move to make it available to mobile users has been well received. The interesting aspect about this story, however, is that Microsoft has recognised that the Apple mobile platform is a more suitable than its own mobile platform for such applications.

‘Users of Sony Ericsson, LG and Samsung mobile phones may begin to wonder when the application will be made available to them, as these mobile phones all utilise the Windows Mobile platform.’

Seadragon Mobile

Seadragon Mobile is similar to the PC-based Seadragon application, but it has been developed especially as an Apple application and has been optimised for 3G and WiFi networks.

The Seadragon Mobile application is free to download from the Apple Application Store.

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