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Public has mixed feelings on botox vouchers

Treatment may not be the ideal gift, survey shows

botox treatment

Nearly 1 in 10 of those under 35 would consider giving botox as a present to their spouse or partner

Credit crunch stress may add a few wrinkles to the most youthful of complexions this Christmas, but think twice before you include a course of botox treatment in your loved one’s stocking, says Which?.

Botox has been touted as a fashionable cosmetic treatment that can smooth and fill out wrinkles on the face, but despite its popularity, 73% of people surveyed by Which? would react badly if given the treatment for Christmas.

Which? surveyed 1,035 adults (aged 16+) in the UK between 12-14 December 2008.

Strength of reactions vary according to the potential recipient’s age. Half of 16-24 year-olds surveyed by Which? would feel insulted by such a gift, while 45% of 55-64 year-olds would be annoyed.

Surprisingly, nearly one in 10 under-35 year-olds would consider giving botox as a present to their spouse or partner. With this in mind, Which? is encouraging people to do their homework before giving the treatment as a gift, to make sure they don’t put their partners at risk.

What is botox?

Botulinum toxin is a prescription-only medicine that blocks the signal from the brain to the nerve endings that tell muscles to move when a person smiles or frowns. The untreated muscles will still be able to move so the person receiving the treatment will still have facial expressions

Botox can have possible side effects if administered incorrectly, or used on those with certain medical conditions. A pre-treatment consultation is advised where such effects can be identified and risks reduced.

Jenny Driscoll, Which? health campaigner, said: ‘Our main advice for people is, don’t take botox treatment lightly. Whether you’ve received vouchers as a present, or you are buying the treatment for someone else, the last thing you want to do is put yourself or your loved ones at risk, so make sure you do your research.’

Think carefully before going ahead

If you are thinking of getting or gifting botox treatment:

  • Make sure you have a consultation with the person who is prescribing botox, eg the doctor, nurse or dentist.
  • Make the most of your consultation. Make sure it is thorough and that you have provided a thorough medical history. Discuss whether it’s appropriate/suitable for you.
  • Find out who’s injecting you. Ask about their qualifications and experience.
  • Make sure you have the treatment in a safe place. Don’t be tempted to have injections at informal events ,eg parties. These toxin injections must be kept in sterile conditions.

For more information and advice, visit our cosmetic treatments guide.

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