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Recession could lead to quiet Christmas on roads

AA expects quiet roads as drivers try to save cash

The AA expects a quieter Christmas on the roads

The AA expects a quieter Christmas on the roads

The AA is predicting a quieter Christmas on the roads this year, as motorists stay home in a bid beat the recession.

Some 65% of the 2,000 people surveyed by the motoring group said they would avoid travelling over the festive period.

And 18% who travelled last Christmas said they have changed their plans, and won’t be making journeys this year.

Christmas journeys

In addition, just 10% of those surveyed said they would be spending more than four hours in the car over Christmas, compared with 25% in 2007.

But the AA is still predicting heavy traffic around airports and on some of the country’s main roads, including the M1, A1, M6 and M5.

Monday 22 December is expected to be the busiest day in the lead up to Christmas, with major cities like London, Manchester and Bristol badly affected by traffic.

Winter driving warning

AA patrolman of the year Andy Taylor said that, although fewer drivers are expected on the roads this Christmas, driving in winter weather can still prove hazardous.

‘Punctures increase over the winter months when the roads are wet, as water and grime lubricate foreign objects, making it easier for them to penetrate the tyres. Ensure that you pack essentials for an emergency such as warm clothing and blankets,’he said.


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