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Zavvi gift vouchers can’t be redeemed in-store

Some customers may struggle to get money back

Consumers who have bought or received Zavvi gift vouchers or gift cards for Christmas may struggle to get their money back.

Shoppers holding gift vouchers and cards bought on or after 27 November 2008 should get their money back, although the vouchers can’t be spent in Zavvi stores.

Zavvi has advised these consumers to write to the Joint Administrators, Ernst & Young, at the address below, quoting their gift card/voucher number(s), enclosing the original gift card/vouchers and quoting their full name and address for return correspondence.

Write to: Zavvi Vouchers, c/o The Joint Administrators Zavvi Group, Ernst & Young LLP, 100 Barbirolli Square, Manchester, M2 3EY, or email: zavvivouchers@uk.ey.com.

Zavvi gift vouchers bought before 27 November 2008

Consumers holding Zavvi gift vouchers or cards bought before 27 November may not get their money back. Zavvi has advised these customers to write to the Joint Administrators at the same address, asking for their claim to be registered as an unsecured claim in the Administrations. 

However, these claims will rank behind any other secured claims should the group be wound up by the administrators, making it unlikely that consumers will get all, if any, of their money back.

Put in your refund claim now

Martyn Saville, Which? debt expert, says: ‘Consumers holding Zavvi gift vouchers, whenever they were bought, should reclaim their money as soon as possible. While vouchers bought on or after 27 November 2008 should be refundable in full, consumers shouldn’t risk missing out on their cash. 

‘If you bought vouchers before that date it’s unlikely you’ll get all your money back, but you might not get a penny unless you put in a claim to the administrators. Make sure you keep a copy of the vouchers or a note of the gift card number for your own records.’

‘With an ever-lengthening list of high street names getting into trouble (including Whittard of Chelsea, Woolworths, MFI, Adams, Zavvi and The Officers Club), consumers should think twice about buying loved ones gift vouchers – in the current economic climate cash or a cheque may be the best option if you’re treating friends and relatives.’

‘And if you’ve received a gift voucher for Christmas, it may be advisable to spend it sooner rather than later, just in case any more retailers go to the wall.’

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