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CES 2009: Fuji shows biodegradable batteries

Green claims for disposable EnviroMax batteries

Fuji EnviroMax batteries

Fuji used the 2009 the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to launch a range of batteries which it says can safely biodegrade once used. 

The EnviroMax batteries are built from recycled materials and contain no cadmium, mercury or PVC – materials which usually require special disposal methods.

The batteries are targeted at consumers’ growing awareness of green issues. Fuji informed us that even the packaging of the EnviroMax batteries is made from recycled materials.

Fuji told us that these non-rechargeable alkaline batteries could hold their own with rival brands in terms of performance. 

No plans for rechargeable batteries

Given the target market for the EnviroMax brand, we were surprised when Fuji told us it had no plans to develop rechargeable batteries in this range. Instead, you will have to make do with disposing of these batteries as you go.

Which? researcher Dave Holes said: ‘This battery is a step in the right direction. Currently each household in the UK throws away an average of 21 batteries a year.

‘However, these EnviroMax batteries are still destined for landfill, they’re not designed to be recycled itself and that dents their green credentials somewhat. Rechargeable batteries are the true green option, they can be reused hundreds of times before being disposed of.’

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