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CES 2009: LG unveils new digital line-up

LG reveals new line-up for 2009

LG has unveiled its latest range of internet-capable Blu-ray players, home entertainment systems and ‘wireless’ TVs at the 2009 CES technology show in Las Vegas. Plus there’s rumour of a 3D TV on the horizon.


LG Blue-Ray player

LG’s existing BD300 Blu-ray player is internet connected and has ‘BD-Live’, which enables users to access additional bonus materials, games and forums on compatible discs. However, LG is expanding on the potential of internet-compatible Blu-ray players with the upcoming BD370 and BD390 systems.

As well as taking advantage of BD-Live, the new LG range will give users direct access to YouTube and similar video-streaming services – this means you will be able to stream internet video directly to your Blu-ray player and watch it through your TV.

These systems do not function as full web browsers, but LG intends to release various compatible services such as video streaming as updates.

Blu-ray home entertainment systems

LG also announced that it will be releasing three Blu-ray home entertainment systems in 2009. This will allow consumers to fully enjoy the surround-sound audio recorded on high-definition Blu-ray discs, with a bespoke multi-channel system.

The Blu-ray players included in these home entertainment systems will also be able to access internet video-streaming services.

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LG LHX wireless LCD television

LG LHX Wireless TV

LG’s new wireless TVs

LG used this year’s CES event to debut the new LHX range of flagship LCD TVs.

The 55-inch model is a mere 24.8mm thick, and its most innovative feature is wireless capability. This includes an uncompressed wireless TV receiver, meaning that you won’t need to connect an aerial lead to the set.

LG is keen to expand on the possibilities of internet-enabled TV sets and Blu-ray players, and the wireless-network-capable LHX has access to YouTube and the American NetFlix service. This means you can stream internet video content directly to your TV.

The LHX range boasts 240Hz (or 200 Hz in the UK) ‘TrueMotion’. TV signals are broadcast at 50Hz in the UK – or 50 scanned lines every second. The TrueMotion software is designed to quadruple this scanning rate, to give the impression of smoother motion. We’ve tested a Sony 200Hz TV, the KDL-40Z4500 and were impressed by the smooth motion sequences.

Peter Reiner, LG’s senior vice president for North American marketing, claimed that this would ‘virtually eliminate motion blur’.

The major manufacturers displaying their latest TVs at CES 2009 are keen to outdo each other in the technology stakes. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for the rumoured 400Hz-capable TVs which may yet put LG’s offering in the shade.

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3D TVs in the pipeline

LG LHX Wireless TV

The buzzword of CES 2009 has been 3D TV, and LG has been keen to stake its claim to this rapidly developing technology.

LG has announced that it is working with major entertainment studios to develop 3D-capable TV sets in anticipation of future releases that use this technology. With Sky already dabbling in 3D TV broadcasts in the UK we’ll be keeping an eye on developments and further announcements at this year’s CES.

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