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CES 2009: Samsung innovations break new ground

Slim Blu-ray player, 64GB HD camcorder and LED TVs

Samsung BD P4600 R45

Samsung revealed a clutch of world-first’s at the 2009 CES, including the world’s slimmest Blu-ray player, an HD camcorder with a huge 64GB solid state memory and a range of energy-efficient LED TVs.

Samsung LED TVs

Consumer electronics giant Samsung has revealed its new range of high definition LED TVs, which are claimed to offer clearer, brighter and more detailed picture quality.

Samsung used the 2009 CES in Las Vegas to unveil its new Luxi LED range, an alternative format to plasma or LCD, which it claims can achieve 40 percent less power consumption than an equivalent-sized LCD TV set.

The Luxi range of LED TVs will be available to buy in 2009, with prices yet to be confirmed. The most basic model, the Luxi 6000, is only one-inch-thick and has a built in tuner.

The Luxi 7000 is just as slim, but adds an interactive internet content service that you can access directly from the TV itself. It uses web-search company Yahoo’s widget platform – essentially, small internet-connected applications – to provide direct and simple access to online news services, weather reports, photo sharing and video-streaming sites. The flagship Luxi 8000 model is a premium ultra-thin design, coupled with a 200Hz picture refresh rate, designed to minimise judder and provide smooth motion playback. The model we saw at the CES 2009 displayed impressively smooth motion.

Mike Briggs, Which? TV expert said: ‘We’ve seen 200Hz motion processing software from Sony and been impressed by the results. Hopefully Samsung can follow suit.’

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Alongside the LED HDTV announcement, Samsung unveiled what it says is the world’s slimmest Blu-ray player. At only 1.5 inches thick, the BDP-4600 is a departure from the bulky Blu-ray designs that we’ve seen to date. 

As it’s internet-compatible, the BDP-4600 can take advantage of BD-Live technology, which allows you to access additional bonus features, games and online forums on compatible discs. The BDP-4600 accesses the internet via a wireless Wi-Fi dongle.

An improved load-time means Blu-ray discs should be up and running quickly. You can also eject a disc in only one second. A number of the Blu-ray players we’ve looked at have disappointed our testers with their sluggish load rates, so we’ll be keen to test Samsung’s claims when the BDP-4600 is available later this year.

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HD camcorder

Samsung has unveiled a new flagship HD camcorder featuring an unprecedented 64GB solid state drive (SSD), enough for recording 12 hours of HD footage.

The HMX-H106, which will be available in April 2009, can record high-definition footage directly to its built-in SSD memory, which Samsung claims to be a quicker, safer and more efficient means for storage than more conventional digital hard disk drives (HDD).

As an SSD has no moving parts, it is much less liable to mechanical fault or damage from shocks and extreme temperatures. Samsung also claims that its SSD technology requires only an eighth of the power needed for recording to HDD, and that accessing recordings is three times faster.

We’ll be keen to test Samsung’s claims when the HMX-H106 becomes available this April. For help in choosing the best HD camcorder for you, check our expert Which? reviews of the best HD camcorders.

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