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CES 2009: Sony Webbie pocket camcorder launch

HD camcorders to rival Flip Mino and Kodak Zi6

Sony Webbie

Sony has unveiled the Webbie range of simple pocket HD camcorders designed for the YouTube generation at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Webbie range of Sony camcorders can capture footage in 30 frames per second high definition Mpeg 4 video, and are designed for simple uploading to videosharing websites.

They feature 5Mp still image capture, and are available in orange, silver and purple.

The market for easy-to-use pocket camcorders is expanding rapidly, with models like the Flip Ultra, Flip Mino and Kodak Zi6 taking the US and UK by storm with their easy-to-use designs.

The Sony Webbie range features superior zoom lenses to these rival brands of pocket camcorders. The MHS-CM1 Webbie camcorder features a x5 optical zoom and a x20 digital zoom, while the MHS-PM1 Webbie camcorder features a x4 digital zoom only.

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Webbie MHS-CM1 vs Flip Mino vs Kodak Zi6

Our tests to date of similar pocket camcorders have shown that such models struggle to match the performance of larger camcorders, but the popularity of this market sector has evidently been enough to prompt Sony to weigh in with its own effort.

The MHS-PM1 is available now priced around $200, and the MHS-CM1 model will be available from April at $170. UK pricing and availability are unconfirmed.

For more on choosing the best HD camcorder, check our expert Which? reviews of the best HD camcorders. We have also compared the performances of similar pocket camcorders to the Webbie range in our comparison of the Kodak Zi6 and Flip camcorders.

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