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Confused.com clearer on excesses

Revamped price comparison site is big improvement

Confused.com logo

Confused.com has relaunched, making several consumer-friendly improvements. 

The revamped price comparison site has taken on board important recommendations made by the Financial Services Authority, which have lead to an easier to use and more transparent site. 

Greater clarity about insurance policy excesses is one major improvement. Most price comparison sites require consumers to specify how much of any claim they would be willing to pay, before the insurer steps in. However, many don’t explain that there may be both compulsory and voluntary excesses, so you might get a shock on the results page when a much larger total excess is revealed. 

Confused.com‘s new site resolves this issue. The total excess for policies is shown next to annual premium quotes. If the lowest quote comes with a higher than expected excess, the visitor can change the voluntary excess that they would be willing to pay or request that only prices with an acceptable total excess are shown. 

The practice of increasing excesses is criticised in the February issue of Which? and online

Which? insurance expert Dan Moore said: ‘Confused.com has shown that it is possible to give consumers what they want, a fair quote based on criteria they selected. Other sites should follow their lead.’

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