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Drivers urged not to lie about penalty points

Insurer says employers should know about points

Jobseekers are being urged to disclose penalty points

Jobseekers are being urged to disclose penalty points

Drivers are being urged not to lie about penalty points on their driving licences when searching for a new job.

According to car insurance firm Swinton, one in 10 jobseekers would avoid telling prospective employers that they had penalty points for driving offences.

And, the firm’s study showed, younger drivers were more likely to lie about their driving record.

Car insurance

Steve Chelton of Swinton said: ‘If a member of staff enrolled on a company car scheme fails to notify their employer of penalty points on their licence, they are putting the company’s insurance policy in jeopardy should they have to make a claim.

‘But this research suggests that such an occurrence is set to become far more common, especially as unemployment rises and people become more desperate to secure a job.

‘To avoid this happening candidates need to be honest and understand that any declaration of points will not lead to automatic rejection.’

Penalty points

Chelton added that employers should not use penalty points as a ‘blunt tool’ for short-listing candidates, as many people with points on their licences (for speeding offences, for example) are safe and responsible drivers.

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