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Nokia N79 Active could help you keep fit

The Nokia N79 Active with heart rate monitor

Nokia N79

Nokia N79

Nokia has announced the Nokia N79 Active: a mobile phone package that features a range of keep-fit functions, including a wireless heart rate monitor belt.

Nokia is promoting the N79 as the ‘perfect running companion’. The phone features GPS, to enable you to plan your jogging routes, and a new version of the Nokia Sports Tracker application, which allows you to upload your fitness data to the internet and chart your progress.

Nokia N79 Active

The Nokia N79 Active includes a 4GB microSD memory card, which Nokia describes as being able to ‘hold enough music for those long endurance sessions’, and a Bluetooth WearLink heart rate belt made by sport instrument manufacturer Polar.

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The Nokia N79 features the geotagging function, which allows users to tag the photos that they take with their GPS location.

Juha Kokkonen, director of the Nokia N series, said: ‘This handset keeps you entertained on those long workouts as you get in shape for summer, while the Polar heart rate belt lets you know exactly how you’re doing.’

Samsung miCoach

Jon Barrow, senior Which? researcher, said: ‘The mobile phone market is incredibly competitive. New handsets feature powerful cameras, GPS navigation and MP3 playing capabilities, so premium phones have to offer ever more creative functions to stand out from the crowd. Nokia has attempted this with the N79 Active and its healthy angle.’

The Samsung miCoach mobile phone features similar functions, and is the result of a Samsung and Adidas partnership. Full results of the miCoach can be found in our mobile phone report.

An exact launch date for the Nokia N79 Active package has not yet been announced. The Nokia N79 is currently available and we shall publish full results before the end of the month in our mobile phone report.

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