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Poor standards of cleanliness in budget hotels

Mouldy mattresses amongst the Which? discoveries

An undercover investigation by Which? Holiday has uncovered poor standards of cleaning in some of the UK’s most visited budget hotel chains.

Stained and mouldy mattresses, a suspected blood-stained duvet, and food debris on the floor were just some of the grim discoveries made by Which? Holiday during stays at the UK’s five most visited budget hotel chains.

Ibis performed particularly badly in the investigation.  A mattress in a room at the Charles Street Ibis Hotel in Manchester was found to be so badly soiled that the cover had frayed and mould had begun to grow. 

In a room at Manchester’s Portland Street Ibis, Which? Holiday discovered a stain on a duvet, which an accompanying technical consultant suggested could be blood. 

Dirty toilets

It’s not just the beds that revealed poor cleaning standards.  A Which? researcher found a toilet at Ibis Euston in London with urine and faeces round the edge of the toilet seat, while urine was also streaked down the pedestal. 

Which? Holiday also found unclean bathrooms in Travelodge hotels, leading to concern about standards of cleanliness in four of the five rooms inspected.

In the Gray’s Inn Road Travelodge in London, there were high levels of dust under the bed, and dirty hand prints and ground-in dirt on the walls. 

Good performers

Comfort Inn and Jurys Inn both performed well in the investigation, with the rooms inspected by Which? Holiday found to be clean. 

The rooms in three Premier Inn hotels visited in Manchester were described as spotless by the researcher, although the rooms in two London Premier Inns near Euston station had some room for improvement.

Lorna Cowan, editor of Which? Holiday, said: ‘Although this investigation was just a snapshot, it does raise concerns about the cleanliness of some budget hotel chains. It’s clear from our research that some of the hotels are getting it right when appropriate cleaning methods are being used.  

‘Paying guests should be guaranteed, at the very least, a clean room. There doesn’t seem to be one single accepted standard for hygiene in hotels across the UK, and we would like to see this change.’

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