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Shops phase out traditional light bulbs

Stores drop 100-watt bulbs for energy-saving bulbs

low energy bulb

A low-energy light bulb

Shops have started to phase out the sale of 100 watt, traditional incandescent light bulbs. 

Consumers will soon be able to be buy only energy-saving, compact fluorescent light bulbs. 

Tesco, which is the biggest retailer of light bulbs in the UK, has said that it will sell out of traditional 100 watt light bulbs in the next couple of weeks. 

Best low energy light bulbs

Traditional 150 watt bulbs were scrapped last year and stores will start to phase out 60 watt bulbs this time next year. 

Which? has tested and reviewed energy-saving light bulbs – read our guide to find out the best value low-energy light bulbs.

Traditional bulbs

Stores have voluntary ditched traditional bulbs in response to a campaign from Prime Minister Gordon Brown to force people to buy low-energy bulbs. 

The government hopes that the UK’s switch to low-energy light bulbs will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 5 million tonnes a year. 

Lizzy Payne, a technology researcher at Which?, said: ‘It’s not all bad news for consumers. Switching four traditional light bulbs to low energy light bulbs could save you up to £28 a year. 

‘Our extensive tests have revealed that there are big differences between the best and worst low-energy light bulbs on the market, so check out our review to ensure you get maximum light at the minimum cost with one of our energy-saving light bulb Best Buys.’

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