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£30 million of premium bonds unclaimed

Biggest amount of unclaimed prizes

A major nationwide search has been launched by NS&I (National Savings and Investments) to track down the winners of over half a million unclaimed premium bond prizes worth over £30 million in total. 

This is the largest amount ever left unclaimed and includes one prize worth £100,000, two worth £25,000 and ten worth £10,000.

The unclaimed top prize belongs to a winner in outer London who only has £25 worth of bonds.


Commonly, prizes are left unclaimed because people fail to pass on new addresses when they move house.

Other reasons may be they’ve forgotten they have bonds or executors are unaware that bonds are held when someone dies. 

And half of those surveyed say they find it difficult to remember all of the accounts they have opened over the years.

Claim now 

Sally Swait, premium bond manager at NS&I said: ‘Following the expense of Christmas, tracing unclaimed premium bonds prizes may prove to be a welcome source of extra money for some.

‘We urge anyone who believes they could have unclaimed prizes to check with us. 

‘The easiest way is to use our website and there is no time limit on claiming the prizes.’

People who think they may have money in a dormant account with a bank, building society or National Savings and Investments can also check at Mylostaccount.

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