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Canon launches new Ixus cameras

Popular range of small cameras to grow

Image of Ixus 100 IS

Canon Ixus 100 IS

Canon has announced the launch of 4 new Ixus cameras.

The Ixus range has sold well since it appeared in 2000, and these latest models have the most features of any Ixus.

Ixus 95 IS and 100 IS

The 95 IS and 100 IS cameras will be the cheapest in the new Ixus range. 

The 95 IS has 10Mp and a 35-105mm lens, whereas the 100 IS comes with 12.1Mp and a 33-100mm lens. As their names suggest, both have image stabilisation. Both also have viewfinders – quite rare in the small camera market.

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Ixus 110 IS and 990 IS

The 110 IS is also small, and houses a 28-112mm lens and high definition (HD) movie recording. A touch-sensitive dial, attractive metal finish and an accelorometer feature for skipping through pictures quickly in preview mode further differentiate it from cheaper Ixus models.

The 990 IS has a slightly larger LCD, and with a zoom range of 37-185mm, users will be able to zoom in much further. It is slightly bigger than the 110 IS, but Canon says it weighs 165g without battery – still lightweight.

PowerShot SX 200 IS

Image of PowerShot SX200 IS

The Canon PowerShot SX200 IS

Canon has also announced three new models in their PowerShot range. The most interesting is the SX200 IS. It is one of a growing number of cameras on the market that is quite small, but with a very powerful zoom range – in this case 28-336mm. An aluminium body helps to keep the weight down.

PowerShot A-Series

The new A1100 IS and A1200 IS sit a little further down Canon’s range than the SX200 IS. Both are powered by AA batteries, the cheaper A1100 IS has a 35-140mm lens and 3 inch LCD, whereas the A1200 IS has 36-216mm and a 2.5 inch screen. The A1100 IS also has a viewfinder to make up for the smaller screen size. Both cameras have 12.1Mp sensors.

Which? view

Christopher Christoforou, Which? digital cameras expert said: ‘We always look forward to new Canon Ixus launches as not only are they style trend-setters in the pocket-sized camera market, but so many in the past have been Best Buy cameras. We can’t wait to get test results on this latest batch.’

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