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Drug-driving ‘acceptable’ for some young drivers

Nine per cent say it’s okay to drive on drugs

Some young drivers said drug-driving is acceptable

Some young drivers said drug-driving is acceptable

Almost one in 10 young drivers thinks it is acceptable to drive under the influence of drugs, according to a Transport for London (TfL) poll.

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Nine per cent of the 17-35 year olds questioned by the transport group said they thought it was okay to drive after taking drugs such as cannabis.

The results coincide with the launch of a new TfL campaign, which targets young drivers who speed, drive without car insurance or take drugs before getting behind the wheel.


Chris Lines, head of TfL’s road safety unit, said today: ‘It seems that some young drivers wrongly believe that using drugs will have no effect on their ability to drive. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

‘Drivers throughout the capital should be aware that the police are now trained to test for drug impairment and that the penalties are just as serious as those for drink-driving.’

In 2007, drivers aged 17-25 were involved in 555 collisions in London that resulted in a death or serious injury. The highest numbers of these young-driver collisions occurred in the boroughs of Bromley (34), Greenwich (33) and Havering (28).

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