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Gas-guzzling 4x4s ‘back in favour’

Used-car buyers taking advantage of big discounts

We've just driven the new Suzuki Grand Vitara

We’ve just driven the new Suzuki Grand Vitara

Gas-guzzling 4x4s are back in favour with used-car buyers, according to a report released by British Car Auctions (BCA).

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The vehicle auction specialist said sales prices for have improved for six consecutive months, and that despite trouble in the new 4×4 market, used are now back at last year’s levels.

Higher fuel prices and government plans to increase car tax for the worst polluters had caused 4×4 prices to plunge by an average of £2,000. But BCA said recent reductions at the pumps have helped values rally once more.

4×4 prices

Tim Naylor, PR manager at BCA, said: ‘As fuel prices began to drop, many motorists realised what exceptional value for money these vehicles had become and there was increased demand and a steady up-swing in prices.’

There are some great deals to be had on 4x4s at the moment, but as the Which? guide to the new car tax rules shows, 4×4 drivers can now be hit by huge annual costs.

If you decide you need the space and pulling power 4x4s can offer, be sure to check out our . We’ve reviewed top models such as the , and the new .


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