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Motorway drivers to get fuel reminders

Highways Agency hopes to cut needless breakdowns

Motorway drivers in the South East will get fuel reminders

Motorway drivers in the South East will get fuel reminders

A new campaign has been launched to stop drivers running out of petrol or diesel on the motorway.

Figures from the Highways Agency show that last year, 5,500 motorists ran out of fuel on motorways in the South East region alone. And almost 2,000 of these breakdowns took place on the notoriously busy M25.

Now, special matrix signs along the region’s motorways will be set up to remind drivers to keep an eye on their fuel levels.

Motorway breakdowns

Highways Agency route performance manager Tim Lyver said: ‘It’s no fun being stuck on a motorway hard shoulder just because you have run out of petrol and it is even more hazardous if you have to stop in a live lane. The number of people breaking down simply because they have run out of fuel is alarming.

‘We want to make drivers aware of the dangers and also encourage them to check their fuel levels before they set out, and regularly throughout their journey if they are travelling for long distances.’

He added: ‘People should also remember that breaking down can also cause congestion and inconvenience fellow motorway users’.

Cheap petrol

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